Copy of Tees Transporter bridge

Tees Transporter Bridge


It’s Teesside so it’s canny. Opened in 1911 to replace steam ferry services across the Tees, the Grade II listed cantilever bridge suspends a travelling gondola for cars and pedestrians, so not interfering with river traffic.

If you’re interested in engineering, industrial decay, industrial heritage, urbanscapes or location photography, this shoot is for you. Concentrating and focussing on one subject, exploring every angle, variant and idea is good practice, it channels the mind and generates powerful and meaningful photography.

The Transporter joins Port Clarence to the north and Middlesbrough to the south, where a rural and industrial landscape meets an urban sprawl, modernity meets heritage, natural meets manmade. For many reasons it’s an interesting, exciting and striking subject to photograph. And we’ll look at creating both commercial and editorial style images.

We’ll explore the different viewpoints, the different ways of looking at it, how to add impact to your shots with composition and light and how to add meaning to your work, alongside advice on camera settings. The workshop will be fluid, depending on the weather, the circumstances that arise and what you individuals want to explore creatively and or technically on the day.

Saturday 9th Feb 2019, 9.30am -12.30pm

For photographers who aren’t complete beginners, you are expected to have a small or higher level of understanding beyond ‘auto’.

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Copy of Tees Transporter bridge

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2 and above. Please book according to your skill level to get the most from the course


9.15am : meet at the Port Clarence side on foot

There is a car park and off street parking on the Middlesbrough side and off street parking on the Port Clarence side (Seaton Carew Road or Port Clarence Road, we’ll send out more info after booking)

Public Transport : we can pick you up from Hartlepool or Middlesbrough Train Station (please get in touch to arrange)

Buses : 1, 58A, TR1, TR2 between Middlesbrough and Hartlepool


A camera with a full battery, preferably a spare and an empty camera card

Other equipment (lenses, tripod etc) is up to you. Well have two tripods and stepladders available to use

Sensible shoes and outdoor clothing to suit the weather

Pack lunch if required (there aren’t many shops nearby)


has a population of around 400,000. the majority in Middlesbrough. For the last 80 or so years, employment has been dominated by the chemical industry, primarily based on sites at the mouth of the River Tees. Teesport is the third largest port in the UK and among the ten biggest in Western Europe, mainly transporting the chemicals and commodities produced there. Let's deal with the monkey hangers of Hartlepool ; during the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century, a french ship was wrecked off the coast at Hartlepool. Among the wreckage on the shore, fishermen found the ship's pet monkey dressed in a military style uniform. They questioned the monkey and held a trial on the beach, and concluded that this must be what a Frenchman looked like and hung him for being a spy. I'm from Hartlepool, so am duty bound to say it was an easy mistake to make ! After many years of taking insults, Hartlepudlians have now embraced the label, especially the local rugby and football teams. The Angel of the North was made in Hartlepool and the Sydney Harbour Bridge on Middlesbrough. Ridley Scott the film director is from Stockton and based the opening scene of Blade Runner on the view of ICI Wilton.