Durham cathedral at night

Dusk, twilight & beyond in Durham


For those interested in shooting at the magical time between sunset and dusk

Learn how to time it right and how to get the right exposure

In Durham, around the cathedral, river, bridges and town centre

We'll start just before sunset, in case there's a beautiful one, but also to be ready for the magic moment ; when the sky is still blue and you can still see detail in the environment. We’ll shoot dusk shots and night time shots.

Wednesday 10 April 2019, 7.15pm - 9.15pm

Meet at College Green, Durham (the grass area outside the main entrance to the cathedral)

  • Participants with access requirements or BSL are very welcome. But some courses are more suitable than others. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will endeavour to accommodate you

  • Sorry, for insurance purposes, these courses are not available to under 18s

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Durham cathedral at night

Additional Info


Dusk, twilight and night time shooting


Meet at College Green, DH1 3EH (the grass area outside the main entrance to the Cathedral)

Skill level

All skill levels welcome (but as night time shooting involves a bit more skill than normal, total beginners may struggle)

What to expect

Group size : 8 max
We'll help you technically and creatively to get the right shot with the right exposure

You'll take away knowledge of how to plan for, and when to time night shots for the effect you want

We'll bring some extra kit for you to try out if you like ; filters, stepladders, tripods

What will you learn

  • Dependant on your skill level, you'll get advice on how to shoot, how to compose, how to use your camera plus how and why to make adjustments
  • In a fun and informal setting

What to bring

  • Camera with full battery and empty memory card. Spare battery if possible (long exposures are a drain on battery power). A cable release if you have one
  • A tripod if you have one. If you don't please get in touch, we have a limited number we can loan out for free. But a tripod isn't essential, you may want to work with hand held special effects or hike up your iso instead. Your options will be limited but it's possible and we'll teach you how. We'll bring a couple of tripods whatever
  • Sensible shoes and appropriate outdoor clothing. It may get cold once the sun goes down, please be prepared for this

  • The course will go ahead whatever the weather. (unless heavy rain and strong winds are forecast, in that case the course will be rescheduled) If you don't like the look of the forecast, you can cancel for a full refund -5%. Or, if you like, transfer onto another date or a different event

  • A note about the weather : even at night the weather can have a huge effect. If it's a cloudless night, the sky can be a glorious blue. But some clouds can add to the scene. Full cloud cover is more tricky becuase once it's really dark, the clouds reflect back the glow of streetlights and go orange. This is something we'll look at if it's a cloudy night, there are ways round it, mainly timing. Rain at night can be fantastic, roads and pavements suddenly reflect all the lights around them and can really add to the scene. If rain is forecast, we suggest you bring an umbrella and a plastic bag or a housing if you have one