landscape in cumbria

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For one or two people, any skill level

However much you know or don’t know, whatever type of photography you're into or aspire to, whatever kit you own or wish you owned and whether or not you know how to use it, this personally tailored course will propel your technical and creative skills to another level

Each person receives an individually designed course which can run over one week or six months or something inbetween, it’s up to you. You’ll work closely with Sally to improve your photographic skills, knowledge, creativity and confidence.

The Package :

1) Initial telephone or email consultation

2) Send some of your photos

2) Telephone/email consultation about the way forward

3) Two x 1/2 days shooting and tuition with Sally

and debrief and evaluation consultation by phone or email

5) A bespoke ‘Guidelines to Follow Moving Forward’ pdf at the end containing relevant technical info, kit advice, where to find inspiration, potential subjects and techniques to practice

6) A 20”x16” Fine Art print of your best image taken on one of the shoots

The first thing we do is talk on the phone or via email. We’ll ask what kit you own and how competent, or not, you are using it, what areas of photography interest you, which shoot locations you’re interested in and then we design your personal learning package.

Maybe you’re a beginner wanting to get off auto, or are more advanced and want to learn more about one aspect or many (landscape or night or portrait or studio photography for example), develop your creative skills, develop your technical skills, shoot on traditional film, help with buying kit, how to handle people on a shoot, Photoshop or Lightroom training, whatever it is, one or all, we can help with this individual training package.

Sally has a fantastic knowledge of photographic techniques, composition and technical know-how and I learned a great deal. I have seen an immediate improvement in my photographs. (Sean, Tyne & Wear)

Skill Level:
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landscape in cumbria
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Brooklyn Bridge

Additional Info

Anywhere in the North East ; at our studio, your home, a location you'd like to shoot at with a pro, or perhaps you'd like us to suggest somewhere

Other areas of the UK ; please get in touch, the shoot location will determine what extra travel expenses might be involved

Once we know what kind of photography you're interested in, what camera you own and how competent or otherwise you are with it, we tailor the course around you

You may know exactly what you want to learn or you may want more general guidance. With 26 years professional experience, we can help (although we don't teach food, underwater or aerial photography)

Call for a chat or make an enquiry here

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