Pinhole camera greek van

Pinhole Photography

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Bring your own or make your own pinhole camera out of an old camera (all materials provided on the day)

There’s something special about the simplicity and rawness of pinhole photography. It boils down the physics to a tiny hole and a dark box.

The effects can be magical, helped on by the long exposure times (because the hole is so small, it needs a lot of time to let in enough light to create an image) plus the raggedness of the edges, the vignetting, plus the medium of traditional film.

We’ll teach you,

How to make a pinhole camera (which is yours to keep and take home)

How to load film

How to calculate the exposure

How to make the exposure

What to watch out for, when pinhole works well, composition, methods of processing your pictures, what film to buy etc

The group size will be small (8 max)

Scheduled for Autumn 2018 - to be put on the waiting list, please contact us

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Pinhole camera greek van