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Why Cheeseburn is great for photographers

Cheeseburn is a place that oozes a kind of serene calm and wonder and beauty that’s hard to put into words.

It doesn’t matter how many times I visit, I'm always inspired and find it a place very hard to leave.

Stunning trees of all shapes and sizes and colours, old barns and outhouses, some a bit decrepit with cobwebs and old nails and signs of history. Gardens, some formal and some less so, with a variety of shapes and colours and backdrops, and of course the sculpture, again all different shapes and sizes and colours.

My favourite area is the walled garden - surrounded by beautiful trees, with sculpture in the long grasses and on the walls. At one end, behind a line of apple trees is the potting shed, with an old fireplace where the gardeners kept warm, piles of fusty and ramshackle terracotta pots and gardening tools. To the east a door through to a wooded area with sculpture dotted about, nestled in the trees and on the ground. At this point you can walk through the woods to the family’s cemetary with it’s stonecarved headstones, or down to the babbling brook or take the sunken walkway and head towards the main house. This is where you’ll find the more formal gardens, a parterre garden with beautifully trimmed box hedges, and visit at the right time of year (June and July) to see the magnificent roses with the backdrop of apple and cherry trees. This area is also dotted with sculpture, Joseph Hiller’s figures nestled in amongst the plants and on the lawns, Luke Dickinson’s white marble swirl looks stunning in the sunshine, as does Laura Johnson’s dichroic glass hung in the trees, reflecting coloured light onto the ground and into the trees.

This is just a taste of what you’ll find at Cheeseburn, if I told you about everything it would spoil the surprise and wonder.

For beginners, we’ll start with a talk in the gallery space, learning how a camera works and what the buttons do. Then we’ll go out and take pictures, by the end of the day you’ll have taken a photo to be proud of.
For the higher skill levels, we’ll explore light and composition, look at the different ways we can shoot things and explore some technique. As a group of like minded souls, I hope we can inspire each other and teach each other a thing or two, in a beautiful setting with endless photographic opportunity. I will be on hand to offer help and guidance, as much or as little as you’d like.

We're very lucky to have private access for our workshops, so we'll have the place to ourselves.
And not forgetting we’ll keep going and full of energy with cake and tea.

Spaces are very limited, so book now